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David Rahill
January 05, 1961 Married 3
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Christina Reeves (Reeves-Shull)
August 15, 1961 College Professor Married 1
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Joanna Revill
December 10, 1961 Single 1
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Diane Richardson (Patterson)
July 16, 1961 Registered Nurse Married 2
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Paul Richichi
August 24, 1961 Communication Tech with AT&T/PC Specialist Married 6
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chuck rickman
September 09, 1961 qc tech Single
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S Rinearson (Godwin)
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Big Leap of Faith Folks -  It's a personal journey and I'm passionate about it. If you take the time to read I want it to be a resource. 

Decided to cut and paste to add this today 7/11/2009 for the HOPE of others in need who may look here on the week of our 30th Reunion.  I've been on an awesome and humbling journey.

Do you know someone with Parkinsonism, MS, or Cancer? Dr Paul Rothwell at the Gilbert Clinic in Bethany, Oklahoma is someone you should call for a consult.

I've witnessed a lot of other patients thru my Dad/Oakley's journey and there are other amazing stories. Yes, there were losses along the way but Dad has yet to be one. Again,I can only speak for my Father who is now living two blocks away from us in his own apartment. Two years ago it was just a hope he could be on his own again.

December 27th, 2006. I got a call at 7:36am from Lake Texahoma that my father has been taken to the hospital in Madill. He was found facedown for what we estimate was 12 hours. So rigid from his form of Parkinsonism he could not move or rollover to crawl and reach a phone that was just a few feet away. He also had rug burns on his face, proof he tried and tried! By early Janurary I moved him to OKC to be closer to family interaction. January 14th, 2007 he had a PEG Feeding Tube inserted at Deaconess Hospital as he had been rapidly loosing weight, down to 146 pounds.

THE HOPE: Within a few weeks I heard Dr Paul Rothwell was bringing a protocol to Oklahoma City that I had heard about in Italy in the 90s and a protocol Dr.Perlmutter in Florida uses and Dr Rothwell follows.  In February 2007 Dad had a consult with Rothwell and he viewed a DVD that put 10 years of info in my head into a 20 minute review for Dad. Dad shocked me and said "let's start" that same day. By April 11, 2007 Oakley stood on his own, walked without aid, shocked staff, family and made my heart leap with joy. Oakley at 80 took the option and the ball and ran with it. By June Dad was determined to eat again. Had some throat tests one good, 2 not so good but after an appointment with Dr Rothwell he gave him the go ahead for a 2 week pureed diet trial. Dad signed the waiver at Bellevue that we would not hold them responsible if he choked....he passed with flying colors and now, as I said in the beginning, Oakley lives two blocks away, NO PEG Feeding Tube - removed 10/30/2007 - Moved into his apartment November 1, 2007.

THE KEY: Dr Paul Rothwell - Gilbert Clinic in Bethany. Dad's treatment is one of many that Rothwell has researched and uses. He is an allopathic trained doctor of 25+ years and in 2006 he was Chief of Staff at Deaconess so that speaks volumes. For me and my family, his knowledge, guidance and faith kept us moving forward. We did have challenges with the nursing home, the Neaurologist - who called it "bunk" (bunk to him - I fired him) and the nursing home doctor (believe it or not he is also on staff at the SAME clinic with Rothwell in Bethany). Dad was 80 when this journey began so I think there is hope for the young and old.
Dr Rothwell has even more information to share about the other conditions I mentioned above as he continues to use naturalpathic along with regular allopatic options.

Sometimes it is about a leap of faith. But only you or your love one can start the journey. Dr Paul Rothwell - 470.8200

What I've been doing since PCW: Managed sales associates for several years at Dillard's and Foley's (now Macy's) got out of Retail since being a Buyer was the original goal.  Traveled to Europe. The Media/Marketing/Torch Run Assistant for the Oklahoma Olympic Festival.   Had a chance in 1990 to interview & accepted a sales position at a local entertainment and arts publication.  Continue to work with clients who advertise in the OKGazette, OKCBiz and Crown Heights Chronicle - print and online sales.  Join us as we celebrate the ARTS in Central Oklahoma each October OK Gazette has a Halloween Parade

Married a Lake Park/Western Oaks guy in 1996 after re-meeting NYE 1992. It's been fun lately for us to share stories of our childhood about people, teachers and friends we had in common.  He left Western Oaks when his parents moved to Eufala and later graduated from OU.  He is a self-employed CPA/Stockbroker.  Greetings to all and take care of yourselves.  No one else will.

Lorene Roberson
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April 22, 1961 University Media Relations Committed Relationship
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Gina Robinson (Machtolff)
September 21, 1961 mom Married 4
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Drew Roll
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November 29, 1960 Single
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