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Looking for someone
I've looked for years for my best friend in high school Barbara Johnson...she was a twin and her sisters name was Beverly. I just saw Bev's name in Memoriam on this site...I'm so sad! Any...
Last Post: Jun 17th 2013
Author: Jordanelle
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Lost Classmates
Hey everyone...Please take a few minutes and share our new website with any fellow classmates that you keep in contact with. The sooner we get the word out the better this reunion will be! Please...
Last Post: Sep 2nd 2010
Author: lawantland
# of posts: 2
I wanted to share with everyone that a fellow classmate of ours...Stacey Parks Roberts son...Jake has won the Mike Ballard Award! That is so cool!!!
Last Post: May 5th 2009
Author: carolnjont
# of posts: 1
Need more pictures
Hey if anyone has some pictures of any of the reunions or even some group type shots or shots of interest from highschool-I can get them posted. Just email me at and I will try and...
Last Post: Jan 17th 2009
Author: kellypar
# of posts: 1
Watch the Reunion videos by clicking on the words...
Hey-wanna watch some funny videos-watch the 10&20 year videos. These are big files so you may have to wait a few minutes to upload. Wouldn't try it with dial up. Enjoy the show.
Last Post: Jan 17th 2009
Author: kellypar
# of posts: 1