June 22, 2019
9 months and 6 days since
our Reunion.
Fellow Patriots..
The 40th Reunion was a HUGE success and on behalf of the Reunion Committee we must say Thank You for all of you who attended , and for those of you who were there in spirit! The Reunion committee works hard for most of the year prior to the Reunion to plan and bring you an event worthy of attending. We hope all of you enjoyed your time with classmates as much as we enjoyed seeing each of you! Thank you to all classmates, especially those who traveled across the miles, to spend time with old friends! 
And last but not least, a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all who worked on the Reunion Committee this past year! Your contribution of your time and talents were invaluable! 

Reunion Committee- Carol O'Toole Clark, Louis & Jennie Bruning, Kevin Clifton, Diane LeBlanc Delbridge, Mindy Dunkin Fuzzell, Caryn Angros Gordon, Debbie James, Lorene Roberson & Tim Ryan
and Thank you to the "helpers" from our other classes..Marcia Moon Feisal, Jan Mackey Dowlearn, Kim Parker Crawford and Mark Beard. 
Until next time...Laurie Adams Wantland

Putnam City West Class of 1979
See you in 2024!
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